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Hsu Hsun-hsiang, Huang Yin-hao (Taiwan)
Like a game of interpreting the messages of this world, <i>(in)visible</i> delves into the nano-scaled field, surpassing the limits within the human conceptions of time and space with the advancement of technological measurements. Through the lens of technology, we can reconsider the future possibilities of the living landscapes for human civilisations.
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Finalist Exhibition: 2/3 (Wed) - 15/3 (Tue) | 12nn - 8pm | Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre | Free Admission

Artist Biography

NANONANO, founded in 2019.

NANONANO is an art group founded by artist Hsun-Hsiang Hsu and materials engineer Yin-Hao Huang, focusing on the environmental future phenomenon and using the top industrial technology to create the possible living future landscape.