Media Art Category Finalist Showcase


Wu Ziyang、Mark Ramos (China / United States)
Future_Forecast is a project that includes a live simulation + collective world building game, a CGI film, and NFT characters. They present and "predict" the evolution of cloud-networked societies in the developing world by looking at the effects of growing Internet-enabled networks and the ecological, geopolitical, and socio-cultural effects of a speculative future ISP and blockchain company in the Philippines.

Game Development: Jiahui Zhao
NFT Character design: Wang Ziqi, Mao Kexin, Ge Hanxiao
CG modeling/animation (Pasig River 2030 – 6 Plus): Chen Yishan, Liao Jiaqi, Li Jiatao, Li Tiran, Wang Xinyue
English subtitle (Pasig River 2030 – 6 Plus): James Grammer
The live simulation + collective world building game and NFT characters was commissioned by the Media Lab at Guangdong Times Museum. Pasig River 2030 – 6 Plus was commissioned by UCCA Center for Contemporary Art.

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Finalist Exhibition: 2/3 (Thu) - 19/3 (Sun) | 12nn - 8pm | Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre | Free Admission