Asian New Force Category Finalist Showcase

Mina's World

Shaho Zandi, HamidReza Sayyad Daryabakhsh (Iran)

Col/ 14'38"/In Persian with English subtitles

Mina is locked in the Juvenile Detention Centre for murdering her own father. The real killer is her mother, who has asked her to admit the crime, hoping there will be a pardon for a minor. Mina’s birthday is getting close, which means she could be executed as an adult murderer. She escapes the prison to prove her innocence, but she finds out something new about about her mother’s life.

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Finalist Showcase: 12/3 (Fri) | 7:30pm | Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre | DCP | 186' | HK$ 80/64*

Artist’s Statement

In the world of oppression, Art tries to create a new meaning for the salvation of mankind. Thus, a work of art in its historical process can be a way to escape, and it is not unlikely that a painting by an original artist from old times, becomes the dream of a young girl in present time. A dream that may never come true, but is a guiding light towards the truth that can recreate the meaning of liberation.