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ifva has long been a nurturing ground for Hong Kong animation artists. Since the first ifva to the present, we have received over 600 animation entries, some by world-renowned professionals. Both the quality and quantity of productions have improved greatly over the years. LO Che-ying, who had served as Animation Category jury member for the ifva almost every year since our first edition, will share with audiences his vast knowledge of the local animation scene. Using ample video clips as illustration, he will discuss the past and future development of local animation.

Venue: Kubrick-bc (Shop H2, Prosperous Garden, 3 Public Square St., Yau Ma Tei)

ifva+_nov: Hong Kong Animation Movement (12 November 2010)

Using world classic animation as a starting point, this seminar introduces audiences to various animation genres and techniques. As we all know, ifva has helped foster the production of many local animation works in the past 15 years, many of which had subsequently gained industry recognition and even world attention. The emergence of independent animations have had a significant impact on the commercial industry, and through viewing international and local works, we will discuss how indie and commercial animations dialogue with one another.

Speakers: CHUNG Wai-kuen (VJ Welby), John CHAN@Postgal, TSUI Chun-yu & CHAN Wai-yi
(speakers’ biography are available in Chinese only)

ifva+_dec: Genres and Styles of Animation (10 December 2010)

From traditional hand-drawn to 3-D computer animation, artists have been using different means to explore the endless possibilities of animation and create their own poetics, aesthetics, genres and styles of animations. In this seminar professional animation artists will demonstrate the usages and techniques of different artistic mediums, including clay, models, paper puppet, paper cuts, pictorial, live, puppets, computer, 2-D, 3-D, plastic cutouts, glass, pinscreen and sand drawing, which is sure to be very inspiring for present and aspiring animators!

Speakers: Buck MOK & Thomas LEUNG
(speakers’ biography are available in Chinese only)

ifva+_jan: Animation Talents (14 January 2011)

In recent years a great many small and medium sized animation companies, partnerships, associations, animation festivals, etc, have emerged in Hong Kong. How were they established, what are their characteristics and specializations, and how do animators survive? In the past ten years, many local animators have contributed to the local animation scene by experimenting with different art forms, forming partnerships with other artists and trying to inspire the next generation of animation artists. Several working industry professionals will reveal their success stories in this seminar.

Speakers: Gabriel PANG, Mandy TSANG & Emily WONG

(speakers’ biography are available in Chinese only)

ifva+_feb: Animation Development Lifeline (11 February 2011)

We often hear about maintaining Hong Kong’s competitive edge, but what exactly constitutes our uniqueness? Whether indie artists or industry professionals, local animators must develop their own distinctive style if they want the world to take notice. How to maintain and even expand upon our strengths is a topic of great relevance to the local animation scene. In this seminar renowned animators will share with the audience their experiences in breaking into the international scene and bringing Hong Kong style animations to the world stage.

Speakers: Albert YU, YUEN Kin-to, siuhak

(speakers’ biography are available in Chinese only)