Asian New Force Category Finalist Showcase


Bo Hanxiong (China)

Col/ 16'25"/ In Putonghua with English subtitles

Yan is an illegal second child born under the one-child policy. To avoid being punished by the government, Yan’s parents hid their older daughter in the countryside and raised Yan as a girl. Now a young adult, Yan struggles with his gender identity and is being treated as an outcast in a conservative society. His sole escape is drifting his father’s old taxi through abandoned parking lots.

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Finalist Showcase: 12/3 (Fri) | 7:30pm | Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre | DCP | 186' | HK$ 80/64*

Artist’s Statement

In this film, I tried to create a current society that this teenager lives in. It’s real, but also surreal. It’s about love and family, how repressive feelings explode under certain situations, how we express love, a teenager who struggles with identities, a family who deals with its past, now, and future, fighting against their conservative ideology. I also hope to make a film through my visual language that can speak to younger audiences.