Drifting Locally
Retrospective Exhibition of All About Us

Community Programme | Drifting locally - Retrospective Exhibition of All About Us

1 - 10 Dec 2023 | 1-7pm (Tue-Sun) | Kong Temporary Archive (12/F, Foo Tak Building, Hennessey Road, Wan Chai)
Free admission
All About Us – a Creative Filmmaking Project for Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong
Organised by the Hong Kong Arts Centre, ifva has initiated “All About Us” creative filmmaking project since 2009. The project provides free film education for local ethnic minority youths, through training camps and filmmaking, participants learn to tell their own stories through moving images. It has run for 14 years, producing numerous shorts by ethnic minority youths with a total of over 600 participants.

In 2021, “All About Us Film Festival” was initiated, screening local and overseas works themed around ethnic minorities, and with community events, aiming to share the voices of diversity. In 2022, ifva brought forward “All About Us Young Filmmaker Mentoring Programme”, to provide more training on film production and creative thinking for EM youth who have intent to foster their career in filmmaking.
Open and flip through a weighty album of moving images, in which each page is connected to a memory, history and emotion of someone, and meet the past versions of yourself. Drifting locally, is a journey of self-discovery and understanding of differences. This year, a retrospective exhibition of All About Us Programme is organized for the first time. In addition to revisiting students’ works from the previous years, by presenting the voices, words and various objects that belong to the programme’s participants, mentors and staff, we invite you to learn about their experiences, reflections and thoughts on living in Hong Kong.