After the unsettling three years, the world is finally recovering. Dormant creative ideas are at the verge of an insane explosion, awaiting to be ignited.
Short films, animations, media artworks for five categories from different Asian countries and regions together with those from Hong Kong talents were received. Together with the VR works for the VR Special Prize empowered by Meta, finalists are responding to not only struggles of life and death, but also heart-lifting daily episodes.
Media arts exhibition "CINEMA 2.0: Illuminating Vacuum" re-examines the complex relation of how the screen serves as a medium in the real world. Time-limited Pop-up VR Cinema will be presenting international and Hong Kong's award-winning VR works, "We Need to Talk about VR" Conversations will feature talks by foreign and local creatives to discuss the different aspects of VR as a new narrative method. Solo exhibition of Jess Lau, awardee of the 27th ifva Media Art Category Gold Award, reconstructs the memories of the city and moving bodies through a collection of new and old media artworks. Works by participants of "All About Us", the media education programme for ethnic minority youth will continue to celebrate diversity.