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Yang Jing, Kwan Tsz-wai Alan (Hong Kong)
<i>Forgetter</i> is an exploration video game in which the art collection from dslcollection seeps into the narrative. Set in the near future, players take up a job at a technology company as cleaners of dead artists’ brains, identifying and removing traumatic memory blocks in their minds, in order to recycle their brains for newborns. Many memory blocks are constituted by Chinese contemporary artworks.
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Finalist Exhibition: 2/3 (Wed) - 15/3 (Tue) | 12nn - 8pm | Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre | Free Admission

Artist Biography

Yang Jing is a game producer, curator, writer and researcher. Her work centres around the intersection between gaming and art, as well as games and human relationships.

Alan Kwan is an artist, game designer, and technologist. He is primarily interested in using videogame and virtual reality technologies to build worlds, stories, and immersive experiences that are outside of the traditional gaming paradigm.