“A Creative Journey with Lung Kong” Exhibition



The creative process has been likened to a revolution, so let us stand up in support of a reformer of Hong Kong cinema! In the history of local films, few figures are as imposing and respected as the director LUNG Kong. He once vowed to change the face of Cantonese cinema, and walked the walk with films dealing with controversial subjects that were always steps ahead of his time. LUNG Kong was always keen to explore new ways of storytelling, and experimented with different editing and pacing techniques as well as multi-strand storylines. His films are impressive even when viewed today.

ifva has been invited to join hand with the Hong Kong Film Archive in organizing this LUNG Kong retrospective, and have successfully invited three past ifva award winners and veteran filmmakers, including Vincent CHUI (Three Narrow Gates, Fear of Intimacy, etc.), Rita HUI (Dead Slowly) and SHAM Ka-ki (whose Life Must Go On won the Gold Award in the 14th ifva Youth Category), along with renowned visual artist CHOW Chun-fai and cultural scholar AU-YEUNG Shing to continue LUNG Kong’s filmic revolution by creating new works that pay homage to the master’s legacy and carry forth his daring and forthright spirit.

The exhibition was held between 19/3/2010 and 16/5/2010 at the Exhibition Hall, Hong Kong Film Archive.

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