Experimental Series

Understanding Experimental Films / Deconstructing Filmic Experimentations

The experimental spirit is a sense of curiosity and striving towards the unknown, while film is a grand experimentation in culture, society and technology



Experimentation is an act of discovery or of finding proof for unknown facts. It can be an innovation in form, a development of an idea, or a technical improvement and enhancement. Experimentation expresses a belief or attitude that mistrusts and defies traditional standards and established truths.

From November onwards, the “ifva+ Experimental Series” presents three monthly programs that challenges aesthetics, forms and technologies. Through looking at the past while keeping an eye on the future, this series strives to understand and deconstruct experimental films.


Venue: agnès b. CINEMA, Hong Kong Arts Centre

Conducted in Cantonese, Free Admission, Seats to be served on first-come-first- served basis.

*Programmes are subject to change without prior notice. Programme content does not reflect the view of the organiser.

Curator and Host


Ip Yuk Yiu

is an experimental filmmaker, media artist, art educator and independent curator. His works, ranging from experimental films to live performances and media installations, have been showcased extensively at international festivals including Ann Arbor Film Festival (USA), European Media Art Festival (Germany), New York Film Festival (USA), the Image Festival (Canada), VideoBrasil (Brazil) Transmediale (Germany) and Yamagato International Documentary Film Festival (Japan). He has lectured extensively on film, video and media art and has taught at Emerson College, Massachusetts College of Art and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Currently he is an Associate Professor at the School of Creative Media (SCM), City University of Hong Kong where his recent works explore computational forms and performance-based cinema. ifva+ nov: “Experimental Films – Aesthetics and Politics in Derivation Work”

ifva+ nov: “Experimental Films – Aesthetics and Politics in Derivation Work”

©Work of Chow Chun Fai—

Shaolin Soccer, “If we don’t have any dream in life”, enamel paint on canvas

With a history and practice which is subversive and alternative to mainstream cinema, experimental film plays a meaningful role within the social, political, economic and cultural sphere of arts. Derivation work, which is a work that is based on or derived from another work, is the first study which specifically redefines and challenges the aesthetics in conventional cinema. The talk will discover the revolutionary potential of derivation work in experimental cinema.

Date & Time: 15/11/2012 (Thu) 7:30pm

Speaker: Chow Chun Fai (Visual Artist)

ifva+ dec: Experimenting with Cinema—the Handbook of Future Film Technologies

©Work of Hung Keung—Bloated City|Skinny Language

From silent to sound films, from black and white to color, from celluloid to digital, the development of audio visual medium has been an unending series of experimentations which challenged established formats and presentations of conventional cinema in terms of technologies and spectatorship. In recent years, the rise in popularity of 3D films is again rewriting history. 3D was originally invented in the 1950s, but is its re-emergence half a century later a result of technological breakthroughs, or in answer to a need for more spectacular visual effects? On the other hand, creative works nowadays are not limited to a single format. From traditional single screen to current new media artworks, how do creators transform and develop their artistic forms and technological medium? And how do they come up with their own creative tools?

Date & Time: 7/12/2012 (Fri) 7:30pm

Hung Keung (Hong Kong new media artist, Digital media artist and recipient of the Achievement Award of the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial Awards)
Percy Fung (Founder of Film Magic Group)

*Speaker Mr Hung Keung is unable to attend the talk due to personal matter. Please kindly noted.

ifva+ jan: Experimental Spirit That Goes Beyond Cinema—Practical Application of New Media

©Shanghai Expo 2010, Urbanian Pavilion, media content designed and produced by yU+co [lab]

The entrepreneurial practice of constant innovation can be seen as another expression of the experimental spirit. Some artists allow their filmic experimentation and passion for discovery to transform into forward thinking and strategic creative works or even businesses.

Date & Time: 31 /1 / 2013(Thu)  7:30pm

Ng Tsz Kwan (Managing Director of yU+co [lab] Limited)
Henry Chu (New media artist/ interactive web designer, creative director of pill & pillow)