In 2010, Derek KWOK (Juror of 15th ifva Youth Category) presented his workGallants. This film has won 4 awards in the 30th Hong Kong Film Awards, including the Best Film, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress and Best Original Film Song.

The Pye Dog impressed us much, which The Moss earned a Best New Director of Hong Kong Film Awards for Derek Kwok, he has been a shining and expected one among all the local new directors. ifva preview invited Derek Kwok to present his latest work Gallants. The film is invested by Andy Lau, who strives to discover new creators and new styles of films, and is produced by Lam Ka Tung, with main casts including Bruce Leung, Chan Koon Tai, Teddy Robin, Wong You Nam, Jia Xiao Chen, MC Jin.

Gallants is set in the present time, when trends come and go quickly in Hong Kong, it is believed that Chinese chivalry spirit and hearts are still alive. It tells a story about how the unsuccessful young man met the masters who were out-of-date, which their encounter unexpectedly triggered their passion to kung-fu. This reinforced them to fight for their lost dignity in the martial skill competition. As they believe the spirit of Martial Art is not only fighting others, but challenging oneself! Let’s see how Derek demonstrates a new style of kung-fu film with his spirit of independence.

ifva preview will be followed by a seminar where director and audiences can freely exchange thoughts and ideas.