Master Class

ifva has always aspires to nurture and encourage exchanges among creative media talents and practitioners. We will invite world-class film masters to conduct Master Class, providing local creative media talents an opportunity to learn and work closely with a master.

2012-2013 – A Master Composes with Lights & Shades – Sharing Session by Mark Lee Ping-bin

The 17th ifva is honoured to invite Mark Lee Ping-bin, the critically acclaimed Taiwanese cinematographer to give a sharing in the festival. Highly acclaimed by Director Hou Hsiao-hsien as a professional and meticulous Cinematographer, and crowned by film critics and general spectators as the Poet of Light and Shadow, the experienced Master Mark Lee Ping-bin will come to share the paths and journeys of his over 25 years wonderful career. You can hardly find any negative criticisms for the Master from any film directors he collaborated with – the charisma sprung from his philosophy, the highly appreciated aesthetics he shows on the big screens reveal his calmness, determination yet ever self-challenging spirit, and of course, his attitude towards people around him.

The sharing session was held on 15 March 2013 at the agnès b. CINEMA, Hong Kong Arts Centre.

2012-2013 – Chen Po-wen Documentary Master Class
Key tasks of film editing are to “cut” and to “link” images. But how do we catch the “essence”, how can we achieve our own styles? With this master class, you are going to have the chance to learn these from Taiwan editing expert Chen Po-wen. Chen Po-wen’s name might not be familiar to a lot of Hong Kong film fans, but you must have had watched a number of films he edited, which include award-winning features like A Brighter Summer DaySeediq BaleA Confucian ConfusionDarkness and LightYi YiViva Tonal: The Dance AgeThe Red Leaf Legend and How High the Mountain. Born in 1953, Chen graduated from the Broadcast and Television Department of the National Taiwan Academy of Arts (now National Taiwan University of Arts). He began his editing career in 1979 and had stayed in this job for over 30 years. He has edited over 200 feature films with profound skills and experience.
The master class was instructed on a one-to-one basis on skills of editing of long and short films. It was held in March 2013 during the festival period.
2011-2012 – GOBELINS Animation Master Class
ifva worked with the world-renowned animation school GOBELINS l’école de l’image of France to bring you into the world of animation. In March 2011, a three-day course took place in Hong Kong Art School, catered for both up-and-coming and professional animators. Guided by award-winning animatorPierre PERIFEL from DreamWorks, and world famous mime acting teacherRobert BENNETT from France, the master class covered 2D and 3D animation with focus on character animation. Two highly potential students have been picked and sent to GOBELINS campus in France for the 2011 Summer School.
2009-2010 – ifva X HKAIFF Creative Editing as Audiovisual Creative Writing

The 15th ifva and the HKAIFF is honoured to invite Mary STEPHEN, the long-time film editor of internationally renowned maestro Éric ROHMER, to host the “Creative Editing as Audiovisual Creative Writing” Master Class in Hong Kong. Through her seminar, classes and one-to-one meeting, participants would be able to learn and explore the aesthetics of editing and moving images from the veteran film editor who has been working extensively with numerous independent filmmakers from countries such as Canada, France, China and Turkey. To conclude with a public screening with all new works produced by the participants and Mary STEPHEN’s new film.

This Master Class was held from November 2009 till March 2010. It includes:

– Seminar: In Conversation with Mary
– Workshop: Creative Editing Master Class
– Screening and Discussion

2009 – D-Fuse innervisions
The 14th ifva, in partnership with British Council, has invited D-Fuse’s Michael FAULKNER & Matthias KISPERT to host a discussion, sharing their avant-garde multi-media creativity and insights on the unique relationship between technology and audio-visual art.
The Master Class was held on 20 March 2009 in Hong Kong Art School Learning Centre.
2006-2007 – “16mm Cinematography Workshop” & “Recovering Images: 35mm Film Workshop”
The 12th and 13th ifva has collaborated with the Hong Kong Arts School and Kodak (Hong Kong) Limited to present “16mm Cinematography Workshop” &Recovering Images: 35mm Film Workshop. As lead by Richard WONG andZachary AUYEUNG, 2 senior film director and director of photography from the Hong Kong International Film Academy, participants learnt step by step, from theory to practice of 16mm and 35mm short film making.
2005 – Sony HDV Master Class
The 11th ifva festival worked with Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Ltd. to present the “Sony HDV Master Class”. In addition to inviting the representative of Sony to introduce the concept of HDV images, we are honoured to have YU Lik-wai, an internationally renowned film director and cinematographer, to host a 5 days HDV shooting and editing workshop. The participants were able to experience the whole process from shooting, video editing, sound mixing, color grading and tape transferring from HDV to 35mm print.