Greenpeace Global Warming Commission Event

In 2006, ifva award winners of the past couple of years join hands with Greenpeace in producing short films for the promotion of environment conservation. 

Creative Partner

綠色和平特約:天氣報告 / John / 1’58’’

The world is getting warmer and warmer – even the weather man has melted. This film is narrated by LIU Kai Chi. “Hot” Earth Live is also included.

水浸中環/ Jervis SUEN / 0’50”

The video begins with a shot of the sky above Central, then slowly moves downwards onto the heart of the business district. The rising sea has flooded all the streets– Pedder Street, Des Voeux Road, The Landmark Mall, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, and Jardine House are all under water!

Director Jervis SUEN says, “Global warming is approaching! When I saw how the polar bears got drowned on television, I just knew how devastating the situation is. I made use of just the most ‘minimal’ concept to bring the issue of global warming into focus.” The ifva award winner Jervis SUEN created this 3G animation to convey a warning to the world: If we do not stop global warming, Hong Kong will one day sink beneath the sea.

Escape the Heat / WONG Ching-Po / 1’49”

Pop star Kelly CHAN and film director, Wong Ching-Po collaborated on this promo for Greenpeace to increase awareness of the climate-change issue. The promo shows how the earth slowly melts away as a result of global warming.