Asian New Force Category Finalist Showcase

Heading South

Yuan Yuan (China)

Col/ 12'57"/ In Putonghua & Mongolian with English subtitles

Eight-year-old girl Chasuna travels from her home on grassland to visit her father who lives in the big city. However, at her father’s birthday party, Chasuna finds out that he has remarried to a Chinese woman. Chasuna has to learn how to accept her as part of the family.

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入圍作品放映:12/3 (五) | 7:30pm | 香港藝術中心古天樂電影院 | DCP | 186' | HK$ 80/64*

Artist’s Statement

Heading South comes from my experience when I was a kid. Like many children of broken families, I had to travel between two families after my parents got divorced. The film was filmed in Hulun Buir where big urbanisation is happening. I wish the audience can feel the real living situation and plight of the locals and feel empathetic to the changes in the girl’s family.