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People's Cinema - Open-air Screening
Father and Son (Dir. Allen Fong)
04 December 2015 (Fri)
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza
Free admission

1981|colour|Cantonese|93 mins

Synopsis: Law San-muk lives in a wooden squatter area with his family of seven. He works as a clerk in a business house, and is often bullied because he was uneducated. Therefore, he does whatever he can to nurture his only son Ka-hing, hoping that he could mobilise upward in the society. However, Ka-hing is only fascinated by cinema, and eventually is kicked out of school, which makes his father furious, unsurprisingly. One day, Ka-hing meets orphan Ng Siu-chung, and finds that they share the passion for cinema, so he invites Ka-hing to make experimental films at home…

Allen Fong, like other Hong Kong New Wave Cinema directors Johnny To, Tsui Hark and Ann Hui, also started his career with making TV programmes before switching to film. He directed a few episodes of Below the Lion Rock for RTHK, and Father and Son (1981) was his directorial debut for the big screen. The film depicts the daily happenings between father and son, and with its delicate and down-to-earth style, won him Best Picture and Best Director at the 1st Hong Kong Film Awards. He was awarded Best Film and Best Director with Ah Ying (1983) and Best Director with Just Like the Weather (1986), making him one of the most acclaimed directors in the 1980s. Fong is especially good at illustrating the proximity of characters situated in a modern society. A film expressing his own genuine concern for humanity, Father and Son appears to ifva as an obvious choice for the inaugural screening of People’s Cinema– Open-air Screening.

Street snacks from the 1980s will be provided and local indie band New Youth Barbershop is invited to perform before the screening. With refreshing music and nostalgic snacks, this will be no doubt the best occasion to revisit the old Hong Kong through a well-made film.