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NEW ACTION EXPRESS Short Film Highlights: Encounter the Unexpected
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25 September 2016 (Sun)

Col / 74' / in Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles

We all have unexpected encounters, or unexpected experiences brought by encounters. Five short films about different encounters, five different stories about the unexpected: Through The Looking Glass (Hung Tsz-ching Michelle), ALOHA (Chan Siu-kuen Oliver), MOKSHA (Kwok Hon-fan Jeff), See You Once Again (Jane Leung) and Goldberg Variations (Jolyon Cheung). The creators of these five titles have all received subsidy from NAE to bring their works overseas for film festivals. The NAE is organised by Hong Kong Arts Centre and sponsored by Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) of the HKSAR Government.


Work Introduction

Through The Looking Glass
Hung Tsz-ching Michelle
Col / 15' 44" / In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles

Inspired by the sequel of Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass portrays the seventeen-year old Alice falls into the other side of the mirror world, after following the rabbit to its hole at school. Since then, weird incidents occur……

Outstanding Experimental Film Award, 12th Global Chinese Universities Student Film and Television Festival, Hong Kong
Selected, Clerment-Ferrand International Short Film Festival and Market 2016, France


Chan Siu-kuen Oliver
Col / 9’55” / In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles

Kandy had a fight with her boyfriend and decided to change her phone number for good. Ever since then, every night at three o’clock, a kid calls her and brings her nightmares... So, what is the mysterious story behind this number, the little boy, and Kandy?

Best Production, Best Script and Best Actress, 2nd Microfilm Music Scheme, Hong Kong
Prize of Effort, 17th TBS DigiCon6 Awards, Hong Kong
Best Drama Award (Bronze), 9th Hong Kong Mobile Film Festival, Hong Kong
Best Script and Best Film, Golden Flower Awards 2016, Hong Kong
Official Selection - Tripoli Film Festival 2016, Lebanon
Official Selection - Hong Kong Shorts, 13th Salento International Film Festival, Italy
Selected, Clerment - Ferrand International Short Film Festival and Market 2016, France


Kwok Hon-fan Jeff
Col / Documentary / HD / 12’ 47”/ No dialogue with English subtitles

In September 2014, a pro-democracy movement, Umbrella Movement, broke out in Hong Kong, asking for western democracy from Communist China. This film captures different kinds of people involved in this revolution that was deemed impossible to succeed. They will be remembered in history as such.

My mission was to record this most significant event that’d ever happened in Hong Kong for the last 160 years.  From the footages gathered during the movement, what I saw was a kind of romance, one that’s never appeared in the city where only utilitarianism was celebrated. Though beautifully felt, this romance didn’t last long. In this video poem, I want those people to be remembered like the way they were.

Officially selected, 39th Outdoor Short Film Festival of Grenoble, France
TVF2016 Award, Tokyo Video Festival 2016, Japan


See You Once Again
Jane Leung
Col / 14’ 00” / In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles

It was the time when thousands of families left Hong Kong to look for a ‘better future’. After almost 20 years of separation, here comes the reunion dinner for a father and his daughter. The awkward distance between the two make them seem like strangers, but deep in their hearts hide their missing for each other. Memories intertwined with the present, both of them know that what really matters is your beloved ones are all well.

Officially selected, Chinese Visual Festival 2016, United Kingdom


Goldberg Variations
Cheung Jolyon
Col / 21’ 24” / In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles

Music is the common language that draws people together. Johann Bach’s Goldberg Variations brings the two lonely and unrelated people in the film - an inconspicuous mid-aged man Joe and a once popular actress Shu closer. A subtle and occasional encounter takes place in the remote country side where Joe is the night shift storekeeper and Shu goes to the area for shooting. When Joe plays this particular work of Bach, Shu is touched and shares with him her miserable life experiences. He feels that there is a bonding between them until he attempts to explore more into this illusive "relationship".

Finalist, Open Division, Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival, Hong Kong
Officially selected, 12th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival, Korea 



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