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ifva showcase: In Search of Justice
ifva ifva
25 September 2016 (Sun)

Col / 60' / In Cantonese and English with Chinese and English subtitles

Hong Kong people might have different views of what justice means, but none would argue against the need to uphold it. In Wong Chun’s 6th March takes place in a police station where three youngster caught for protest debate with three veteran police officers, each camp firmly believing that they are upholding justice. To documentary filmmakers in Chan Tze-woon’s The Aqueous Truth, justice means to uncover a conspiracy that affects Hong Kong people severely but without their knowing, even when if search for justice might endanger themselves.


Work Introduction

6th March
Wong Chun
Col / 30'00" / In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles

On 6th March 2011, 113 protesters were arrested for “Unlawful Assembly” after they stormed the traffic lanes of Central during a demonstration against the budget proposal. Protesters were placed in the canteen of the police station for questioning in groups due to inadequate rooms. Three protesters and three police officers started chatting…

The 18th ifva Awards - Open Category Gold Award


The Aqueous Truth
Chan Tze-woon
Col / 30' 00" / In Cantonese and English with Chinese and English subtitles 

A group of documentary filmmakers and independent reporters accidentally find out something Hong Kongers do not know, but which affects them in important ways. They investigate the matter using their cameras, and as they approach the truth, danger beckons.

The 19th ifva Awards- Open Category Finalist