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Dance Videos: Dance, Light and Shadows
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25 September 2016 (Sun)

Col / 71’ / No dialogues and subtitles 

Dance video means more than just filming dance performance as documentation, or adding dance scenes in films. It can mean to narrate through body movements, or to involve a choreography of cameras. Five dance videos are selected from the latest two editions of the Jumping Frames International Dance Videos Festival: Body Watch (Ziv Chun and Frankie Ho, Hong Kong), Objects in the Mirror are Closer than They Appear (Jukka Rajala-Granstubb, Abraham Lezama Juarez and Helle Siljeholm, Mexico / Finland), Salt (Maria Lloyd, Norway), Rite of City II – Present (Maurice Lai and Noel Pong, Hong Kong) and Recycle Project (Peng Hsiao-yin, Taiwan). Jumping Frames is an annual festival dedicated to promote the art of screendance in Hong Kong, presented by the City Contemporary Dance Company.


Work Introduction 

Body Watch
Ziv Chun, Frankie Ho
Choreographer: Frankie Ho
Hong Kong / 2015 / 16’

Choreographer Frankie Ho and Director Ziv Chun play on the misunderstanding between men and women with dance images. Are you looking at me? Am I looking at you? Are we looking at each other with temptation? Is there any difference between the images that I want you to see and those in your eyes? We are like a coin, which always has two sides – I think you’re so great, and you think I’m great – hoping to get the answer in misunderstanding when looking at each other. One table and two chairs are placed in infinite darkness where illusions of sex and emotions are turned upside down. Nevertheless, the world is there, it can’t not be there.


Objects in the Mirror are Closer than They Appear
Jukka Rajala-Granstubb
Choreographer: Abraham Lezama Juarez, Helle Siljeholm
Finland, Mexico / 2014 / 16’

Director Jukka Rajala-Granstubb met Flamenco choreographer and dancer Abraham Lezama Juarez three years ago when they talked about making a film together. Juarez lives in Reynosa, Mexico, one of the most dangerous cities because of gangs and drugs. Flamenco is his escape. Memories of lost love travel like the dust of his homeland. This is Granstubb’s moving painting of Abraham Lezama Juarez.


Maria Lloyd
Choreographer: Maria Lloyd
Norway / 2014 / 12’

Salt is an international collaboration between British, Polish and Norwegian artists and producers, mixing stop motion, puppetry, live action and dance. The movie is shot in the amazing underground world of the salt mines of Wieliczka outside Krakow in Poland. A girl grows up in a sandcastle. Her parents are slowly crystallising into salt. The world is beautiful when she is little, but as a teenager she herself starts to crystallise. She has to find her own way of being and starts a journey away from the castle and into new territories. The film explores the classic theme of creating your own path in life.


Rite of City II – Present
Maurice Lai
Choreographer: Noel Pong
Hong Kong / 2016 / 15'

Winner of the 2015 Hong Kong Dance Awards, director Maurice Lai returns with the second episode of his dance film trilogy. Rite of City II - Present chose its urban locations from an architectural and humanistic perspective and features CCDC choreographer Noel Pong, dancer Jennifer Mok as well as members of Florence’s Opus Ballet, against a musical backdrop performed by cellist David Wong. Rite of City - Reminisce I was warmly received at its premiere in 2012 and was selected to screen at Udine Far East Film Festival, Rome Asiatica Modiale, Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner and Taipei Hong Kong Week screen dance section.


Recycle Project
Hsiao-yin Peng
Choreographer: Hsiao-yin Peng
Taiwan / 2016 / 12'

We may live in a global village, but we don’t have as many choices we think. Innumerable plastic products are manufactured by men, taking only a few minutes, yet its decomposition in nature takes thousands of years. Disorder and collapse are lurking an orderly appearance. Throughout the recycling process, in between human and waste, there is vacuum, coexistence, abandonment. Taiwanese Director and Choreographer Peng Hsiao-yin contemplates our plastic life in a confined space with dance.