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People's Cinema - Open-air Screening
When there’s will, there’s way!
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13 August 2016 (Sat)
Yau Ma Tei Community Centre Rest Garden
Free admission

Films to be screened:

Everyone has their own difficulties and their ways to tackle them. Some people turn to religion and look for the blessings from above. Some resist authority with their own strength. And some exert their influence by taking actions. This month's Jockey Club ifva Everywhere People’s Cinema - Open-air Screening will take place in Yau Ma Tei Community Centre Rest Garden, a place full of collective Hong Kong memories where both locals and tourists love to visit. Four ifva Awards shorts and animations will be screened.

The congee, for You and Me tells an unusual encounter of two elderlies who eventually become friends and support each other. Based on a true story, The Busy Young Psychic is about a young psychic who has to deal with endless demands of superstitious clients. On the Same Boat is a 5-minute documentary about the 'Equal Share Campaign'. 1+1 tells the story of a grandfather and his granddaughter from Tsoi Yuen Village. The pair visited disappearing Hong Kong landmarks and tried to preserve the fading collective memories.

The event is free of charge. All are welcome.

Bring your own picnic mats!

Work Introduction

The Congee, for You and Me
Lee Tsz-ka
Hong Kong/ Col & B/W/ 10′ 00″ / No dialogue and subtitles

People are busy making a living in Hong Kong. Luckily, with the support and care from the community centre and charitable organisation, they are getting by.

18th ifva Awards Animation Category Special Mention

The Busy Young Psychic
Chen Ho-yu
Taiwan / Col / 29′ 00" / In Mandarin with Chinese and English subtitles

With her extraordinary ability to see the dead, a teenage girl, working as a psychic in a temple at night, confronts traditional values and the superstitions of adults, all while trying to get to the birthday party of a classmate she has a crush on.

19th ifva Awards Asian New Force Category Finalist
(Credits to Taiwan Public Television Service)

On the Same Boat
Wong Wai-kiu, Ho Tsz-hin, Lo Lai-shan, Ma Hiu-laam
Hong Kong / Col / 5′ 00″ / In Cantonese with Chinese & English subtitles

What is the spirit of "Under the Lion Rock"? Through filming the "Equal Share Campaign" that aims at helping people at the bottom of the social ladder, this film hopes to provide you with food for thought.

18th ifva Awards Youth Category Finalist

Lai Yan-chi Mo
Hong Kong / Col / 30′ 00" / In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles

Grandpa and granddaughter from Tsoi Yuen Village travel to the city, trying hard to preserve collective memories that are quickly eroding away. They stroll alongside the ex-Legislative Council building, pondering upon what used to be the Star Ferry and Queen's Pier.

17th ifva Awards Open Category Gold Award